Was Friday night special in your house?
I want to know what your family traditions for Friday night Shabbat dinner are or were.

What kinds of foods were served?

What blessings or prayers or other customs did or does you or your family observe?

Share your Shabbat story and help create a guidebook/cookbook for other folks to create a similar space for themselves.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Keep Your Shabbat Meals Within the Faith

I'm a big believer that meals for Shabbat and holidays should reflect the Jewish food traditions for kasruth, such as not mixing of meat and milk and avoiding shellfish and pork.

If you need some help on understanding the basic rules and regs of Kosher 101, check out this list from Manichewitz.

If you only eat "kosher style" sometimes or observe kasruth full time, the rules and traditions connect us back to our ancestors and add to our level of observance, which I think is a very good thing.